Zithromax  is an antibiotic in Australia that battles microscopic organisms

What Are Sexually transmitted infections And How Common Are They In Australia

As kids grow older it is important to educate them about sex and sexually transmitted infections. Using the proper protective measures can help reduce a person's likelihood of getting a sexually transmitted infection. There are a lot of diseases to worry about when it comes to sex and some of them are not always noticeable. While some symptoms of sexually transmitted infections include visual indicators such as red bumps, rashes, redness or swelling, it is not always obvious and a person may engage in sexual activity with an infected person without knowing it.

Educating I was young and old with the latest information surrounding sexual health is of the utmost importance. By educating young people, it can reduce the number of people who become infected by sexually transmitted infections when they get older which can reduce economic strain on the society. When people do you get a sexually transmitted infection at can hinder their work performance, take sick time, require expensive medical treatment, take up medical resources, and have a heavy impact on the health system.

Risk factors

All of these things can negatively impact a person's life but also the economy and this in turn has an effect on the price of goods and services. So teaching good sexual health at a young age can help save everyone time, money, and resources on top of having better overall sexual health. One notable statistic surrounding sexually transmitted infections is that children ages 15 up to 24 makeup for half of all new infections.

So what are some examples of sexually transmitted infections?

Some of the most common sexually transmitted infections include bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, hepatitis, HIV / AIDS, human papillomavirus (HPV),  pelvic inflammatory disease (PID),  syphilis, and trichomoniasis. Getting a diagnosis of any of these infections is not a death sentence, but if left untreated they can develop into life-threatening issues. Infections that are left untreated have the potential to develop into sepsis which can be deadly.

Sex education

Educating children it's not the only way you can fight sexually transmitted infections from spreading. Public initiatives involving handing out condoms, we were kids, and other Sexual Health Wellness items have been shown to have a positive impact on a society's sexual health, especially among lower-income families. Some statistics regarding these infections include hey 63% increase in gonorrhea cases since 2014, a 19% increase in chlamydia cases since 2014, and 185% increase in congenital syphilis since 2014. These are all startling figures which show how these infections can spread especially among young people. Practicing good hygiene as well as abstaining from sex with people who have not been tested is the only sure way to avoid catching these sexually transmitted infections. However, it is not realistic for children to all be tested and to carry their test results everywhere they go.


As a substitute for testing and test results, one can practice good sexual health measures such as wearing a condom. While wearing a condom does not guarantee you will not receive a sexually transmitted infection from your partner, it does reduce the likelihood. The best approach is to limit your sexual activity to one person who you are certain does not have a sexually transmitted infection. While it is impossible to know whether someone is lying, getting to know someone and observing their overall health can be one indicator of whether they have a sexually transmitted infection.

Good judgement

It is up to people to use their judgment and make sensible choices with their sex life. If you suspect you may have come in contact with the first and who has a sexually transmitted infection you should see your doctor immediately. You should also abstain from any further sexual contact with anyone until you have been tested and cleared by your doctor. Otherwise the infection may spread and you may be spreading it unknowingly. Keeping an eye out for the telltale signs such as redness, rashes, and swelling can help you identify whether your partner has a sexually transmitted infection or whether you may have one yourself. See your doctor for regular check-ups and inform them of any symptoms you are experiencing to identify a sexually transmitted infection early.

What Is Zithromax Used To Treat

Zithromax, also known as Azithromycin in Australia is an antibiotic that is used in fighting bacteria. It can be used to treat many different types of infections. Respiratory infections, skin infections and even sexually transmitted disease are just a few amongst the long list of the many types of infections this antibiotic can treat. The most common type of sexually transmitted disease it is known to treat is chlamydia. It is a very strong and effective antibiotic. Which is why it is used very commonly and it is also known to cause Very little issues or side effects. Some side effects can be nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It is safe to use for pregnant women and is also safe to take while breastfeeding. 

Who is Zithromax for

Although it has been suggested that people with heart conditions should avoid this drug. The Food and Drug Administration also known as the FDA had this drug approved in 1991. So it’s been around for nearly 30 years. That’s an impressively long time for something to have been approved and have it still prescribed today. You hear so many stories about all these different meds that are released and then within a few years they have to pull them off the shelf and off the market due to too many health issues and side effects that people end up developing. In many cases, people have died as well. This type of concern and/or issues is usually along the lines of more dangerous medications and controlled substances though.


We’re talking about antibiotics. And while they are safe, they still have to be prescribed by a doctor. They are not available for over the counter usage as that can we a waste. Humans are starting to adapt to antibiotics and there is growing concern within the medical, scientific and even pharmaceutical community that within the next couple of decade that antibiotics will be deemed ineffective to treating infections. Bacteria evolves and if people are over prescribed antibiotics, it’s not going to work because their body adapts. 

What else Zithromax can treat

Some other infections Zithromax antibiotic en Suisse can treat are sinus infections, pneumonia, chronic pulmonary obstruction disease or what’s also known as COPD. When a doctors prescribed the antibiotic, depending on the infection and depending on the severity of the infection can determine how long it can take for there to be relief in symptoms and can also depend on how long you have to take the meds for it to fully kill the bacteria and cue the infection.

Taking Zithromax

Typically you can start to feel better within the same day as starting the medication but it can take between three and seven days for the infection to fully clear up. Stopping medication too soon can cause the infection to come back. It is very important to thoroughly listen to the instructions your doctor gives you especially when handling anything prescribed to you. It is instructed to finish the prescription fully while dealing with an infection. Many people are unaware that the bottle has to be empty until you can say with confidence that the infection has cleared up. Discontinuing the use of the antibiotic or stopping it too soon ca cause the infection to come back and more bacteria to grow.

What are the symptoms

You will then continue to be sick even if you may not be showing symptoms right away. Eventually you will though and you will have to start the treatment cycle all over again with seeing your doctor, getting another prescription and then ensuring you take it fully. Thus goes back to the initial point of what I mentioned earlier about antibiotics having to be prescribed and to how wasteful it could be and even dangerous if it were available for over the counter use. Antibiotics are definitely one f the most break through discoveries in medical history. It has saved million, if not billions of lives through the decades. 

Getting an edge

There should be more education about the science, and history of antibiotics so people can have not only a better understanding but a better appreciation of something that can be so easy to take for granted. Whoever would have though that a simple pill could be so effective, important and even life saving? Fascinating subject! Science!